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The passengers to accelerate the introduction of high-end hotel brand

Date: 2018-11-05

Tourism is the fist of the north sea industry, brand industry, advantage industry.In order to change the situation of tourism facilities, the north sea level is not high, the north sea since last year introduced a series of the tourism industry to speed up development policy, attracts many international well-known high-end hotel brands in the north sea.

The passengers in a major travel contract project ground project meeting, a total investment of more than 3.5 billion yuan, including the Hilton, marriott, intercontinental, and other international famous brand seven high-end hotels.Another 10 high-end hotel is getting ready for the signed a framework agreement.

It is understood that the north sea will speed up the high-end hotel project construction as an important gripper, accelerating the development of the north sea tourism across the fiscal and taxation, investment and financing, industry integration, project progress, enterprise support and human resources for supporting, supportive, encouraging, awarding policy measures.In the first half of last year, "the passengers to encourage international hotel investment construction policy measures", efforts to land for high-end resort hotel unprecedented incentives and rewards.On June 1, 2017 to May 31, 2018, according to the construction of five-star hotel standards of the state or a line with the international brand hotel management company's high-end series of business cooperation, vacationing industry high star-rated hotel, complete action hang obtain high star hotel projects, land use rights can enjoy the relevant preferential measures.Put forward the "measures", enjoy the support reward high star-rated hotel project, after obtain the land use right, must start construction within a year, and must be completed and put into operation in three years, still must through five-star hotel in two years (or construction projects as experts that international first-line brand series of high-end hotel), otherwise will not enjoy the relevant incentives.

Since this year, the passengers with a total investment of 51.9 billion yuan of 80 key tourism projects started in succession or accelerate.High-end hotels in the agglomeration effect, attract the henan silver based group, Beijing red monkey group, a group of well-known enterprises such as investment in the development of tour project.Held in nanning on September 11, "the passengers big brigade project signing ceremony", the north sea win, including a new wave of high star hotel, with a total investment of 134 billion yuan of travel project.