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Tourism social networking platform Mapify won 文章 million in seed round of funding

Date: 2018-10-10

Berlin gen enterprise Mapify offers a product called "social travel network", today the company received 文章 million in seed round, investors including a group of American and European funds and angel investors.

Ennea VC, including Sweden Dubsmash, co-founder of Roland Grenke Alexa, amazon products for Navid Hadzaad Javaherian and OneFootball, chief executive of Lucas von Cranach.

The company had received MIT Sandbox Innovation Fund, Abby to meet international sponsors Gunnar Froh, company cooperation relations executive Fredrik Posse and Daimler Asia former senior manager Hagen Angermann investment.

Mapify founded in November 2017, the social travel software can let you "upload, search and planning" personal travel experience, you can use the detail records in the past and the present tourism experience, including photo, description and other details.You can also through the function of the subsequent communication with other tourists,

In addition, Mapify also has some traditional style of social media, it will be to understand the user's preferences, personalized recommendation.You can search on Mapify different countries, regions and attractions of the city, and save it to the list of your personal travel plan.

"In the global tourism market, especially in its planning and booking process, are scattered.People will use dozens of different sources to find and travel plan, finally through the Google document and friends to share, to create the experience of certain concentration.We design an application, it will seek, share, and in the process of tourism attractions planning seamlessly into a mobile platform, priority of the platform is based on global network for tourists.We are in the process of design gives the Mapify social color, because we believe that the future of tourism is more dependent on the recommendation of friends and influencers."Co-founder and chief executive officer Patrick Hade told foreign media.

Finally, Mapify in the millennial generation is the most popular, especially for those who travel enthusiasts."As some call it the 'travel sets', this platform by means of the sharing and sets a user's word of mouth, development speed is very fast."Hade said.