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Xinxiang hotel go all out by heart, to meet the city for the first session of the 11th National People's Congress meeting five times

Date: 2012-04-05

The river xinxiang webex xinxiang hotel deployment reception of the 11th National People's Congress, five times the preparations for the meeting has all ready.

To receive the good services to the meeting, hotel set up reception services leading group, general manager and party secretary RenZuChang, and make the reception service plan.The general manager LuJing special requirements for preparation work to do fine, do solid, go all out receive good service this event, and of the various departments of the service plan put forward by urge in place, refining link, the responsibility to the people.All the people in the inheritance based on service experience, each department also actively innovation several service forms and service content.The front office for the meeting agenda, concierge table added more than ushers, ensure that lead in place and help distribute meeting material, improve the golden key service desk all the content;The Marketing Department personnel during the meeting into a line concierge service, with a line position well corresponding tracking services;Housekeeping department as a representative build comfortable accommodation, update the linen appliance, make the meeting special indicator board, arrange the delicious afternoon tea;Food and beverage department food purchasing strictly the quality pass, positive custom menu, updated daily, reasonable collocation dietary, outstanding nutrition, rich and green health requirements, and set up the huis mat, the specialist special stove specially pot cooking dishes, to ensure that all the delegates to enjoy a safe, delicious meals;Conference service center deployment of desk and chair, arrange flowers and plants green plant to decorate, note the smooth larynx sugar, stationery and supplies, ensure the normal use of conference room,Logistics department overall arrangement, the guest room, dining, business, conference, all facilities as well as water and electricity cold energy system for the comprehensive inspection maintenance;The security cooperate with public security departments to strengthen safety, complete overhaul the fire equipment;Nova grand theatre according to the arrangements for the meeting and hotel leading group deployment, ready to the sound and lighting debug, seat allocation and assembly platform atmosphere of the update, installation work.

Xinxiang all staff of the hotel go all out, determination solid effectively completed the reception work, the first session of the 11th National People's Congress for five times the smooth convening of the conference honors.(ZhangHaiXia)