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Solidarity and cooperation together to tackle

Date: 2012-12-19

Solidarity and cooperation together to tackle

- Small mind 'meeting once a crucial midterm war service

For the hotel, the 28 December is really unusual day.National People's Congress is being held reception tasks and set an appointment early hours of two wedding receptions collision, heavy task in the service, under the pressure of a small staff, hotel one mind, the scientific division of labor, close cooperation, and strive to fight, the successful completion of thissecond reception service mission, recalling the reception process, it is emotion, unity, infinite power!

Two wedding book as early as a few months ago already decided and determined person Meeting sessions later, the face of this situation, in order to ensure the best of both worlds reception service, hotel leadership to convene the relevant departments to discuss contingency plans in advance, the use of banquet and meeting place usedtime difference to develop a practical service plans, and report on the NPC leadership record.During the NPC session while the wedding reception guests, this is the hotel for many years first time, not just the problems of security and atmosphere, but also about the ability to make thoughtful service representatives and wedding guests are satisfied issue.And the people in the leadership of the General Assembly and weddings communication made to understand the main house were the case, the hotel quickly carry out service work.

This morning, in accordance with the emergency plan requirements, guesthouses leadership grouping personally entered the war, the sum Secretary Liu Lu responsible for overall coordination, the other vice president who led the division of labor, transport compound, wedding coordination serving, drawn out in the office of wedding services, personneldepartment, QC department, finance department and other administrative functions of the department's staff early in place, located in the first floor hall, multi-function halls and Wan Sin rooms.After a restaurant supervisor assignments and briefing are quickly put to work to help distribute candy wedding wedding the main house and other items, quickly familiar with the responsible serving line, dispensing dish ...... ceremony completed, the real moment of truth for acceptance came over!Local wedding is characterized by "fast", serving requires quick, fast and dine, so we concentrate on, go all out into battle.Which administrative departments to deploy staff also refused to yield, although not so much side dish, but Tuiqin keen and run several times, we complement each other units, working together motivated, not because of not catering department staff and let the work has beeneffects make guests feel comfortable ......

13:00 o'clock, festive wedding in the lively sound of blessing in the end!We attend to eat something, immediately started cleaning "battlefield", must clean the order is completed, and then restored to the meeting to discuss the form of the venue, followed by the People's Congress agenda but also to use it!Hotel leadership and clean, clean, transform the venue form, and orderly, methodical, orderly arranged in advance within a predetermined time in place, when viewing the readiness of the National People's Congress related to leadership came when I saw the neat specificationvenue, valiant service personnel ......

The smooth reception process is moving and left us excited, is reflected in the new bin people solidarity, help fighting style, we believe that the market remained highly competitive circumstances, we set the wisdom of all the buildings,Poly full of the force, momentum, will be able to successfully complete the objectives and tasks, so that the family of Xinxiang Hotel unswervingly toward a higher goal of continually far steadily into wide.