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I held museum quality training and planning meeting summary

Date: 2012-12-30

I he ldmuseumqualitytrainin gandplanning meetingsummary

December 19morning, thequalityof thetrainingdepartment is responsible forquality controldepartmentto convenetherelevant persons responsible fortraining,negotiation roomon the fifth floorheld ayear-endwrap-up,and a newyear of workplans and ideas.The managers ofthe meetingsummed up the2012firstquality controland training, for theyear's work andtheproblems encounteredare allput out, anda new yearof workalso donea concise exposition.

At the meetingeveryone on thehotelarrangements forthe trainingalsomade recommendations,such as the introductionof thefirstweb-based trainingcourseis very good,very systematic,sector organizationslook after theeffect is alsovery good, butwith the "star rating"of theinspection work, theyneglect, leading toconvergencewith theprior learningis not up.Also needto increasegrassroots managementtraining efforts, I hopein 2013to havemore learningopportunities forgrassroots management.Quality, Ipresentmuseumqualitywork is relativelyverysystematicquality controlchannels are alsomany, butcheck out theproblemimplementation isrelatively small, it is recommendedtolookatthe issuethrough the analysis, based on thescreening,to identifykeyissuesto be resolved, nomore, seekto put in place.

Afterthe training departmentandquality controlfor thetraining ofthe individualproblemsof the sortand description,so thatnext year'straining effortscan be mademore in place, the better.