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Xinxiang Hotel Youth League to carry out 'looking around positive energy' picture collection activities

Date: 2013-03-27

Xinxiang HotelYouth Leaguefor launching the "Lookingaroundpositive energy" picturecollection activitiesprogram

Welive in a "positive energy"evolvingera.In the whole societyto vigorouslycarry out the "good exampleto learnfrom Lei Feng, passingyouthpositive energy"activities under the premise, to create agood workingenvironment and workingatmosphere,increase employeeawareness ofrighteousness,to do little things,good deedsaround them,groupZongzhicalled on the majorityof young workerstake practical action topractice thespirit of Lei Feng, loveloveenterprisesto carry out "lookingaroundpositive energy" picturecollection activities.

First, the theme: Look around positive energy


Phase1 April-20 June

Phase1 July-20 September

Stage1 October-20 December


In dailylife, work,touchingmoments,meetnew socialist culture,and activelyencourage their employees tobe able to playupthe picture, it can bereflected instaffmoraleimages orphotographs.Pleasepick up your phoneor camera, ready toshootside of the "positive energy" picture, together witha simpletext description,through theseimagesto reflectour corporateculture and improveour corporatecohesion.

Fourth, theactivities require:

1, Oppicturecontent to beoriginal,creativedoes notaffect the normal work.

2, be sureto respectthe principle ofseeking truth from facts, avoidfraud.

3, theYouth Leaguewill be based onthe principle ofselecting the bestfor eachstage ofselectionof outstandingworkspublished in"XinxiangGolden Key"andpresentationspraise.

4,picturedeliveryContact:E-mail: 21418302@qq.com648557131 @ qq.com

5, uploadworks,departmental basis, pleaseinclude fullname of the departmentand author names.

Contact:Chen Jiajia13525000162

Xinxiang HotelYouth League

March 18, 2013