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Xinxiang Hotel committees organized democratic life

Date: 2013-06-26

June 25, 2013, hotel party organizations of all party members held a negotiating room on the fifth floor of democratic life, presided over the meeting, Comrade Party Secretary Liu Linan.

At the meeting, all party members speak their minds, each on their own in the first half of learning, thinking, work, honesty and his lack of presence in the work carried out reporting and communication, openly carried out criticism and self-criticism.

Comrade Party Secretary Liu Linan hotel combines real hopes and demands put forward the following points:

A hope that members of party committees should further seriously study the party's 18 spirit of the current political, Xi Jinping, secretary of a series of speech, with the party's 18 spirit guide us in all our work has always been ideologically consistent with the Party Central Committee.

2, want to party members of the team to lead by example in their daily work, in-depth practical, pragmatic lead, identify problems and timely solutions to seriously implement the general arrangements for the actual work, go all out to support the general work to make steady progress Xinxiang Hoteldevelopments in the market is fiercely competitive circumstances invincible.

3, I hope members of party committees to self-discipline, austerity and everything everywhere strict demands on themselves, so that should not want, should not take not take.Especially the big expense, the big costs must be open and competitive bidding, gambling plug loopholes savings.

4, to strengthen solidarity.Unity is to win treasure, over the years we learn from each other, failing to more discussions, more communication, mutual complement of the bit, mutual support, mutual understanding, accurate choice, no detours, precisely because united, strong leadership, only Xinxiang Hotel today.Unity is strength, unity of the people, unite the results of Unity benefits.

Comrade Lu Jing, general manager asked us to:

1, to further strengthen the study of political theory and professional knowledge, and continuously improve their level of political theory and professional quality.

2, in the work, to lead, strengthen staff training and quality management, enhance the sense of competition, with first-class service to win the market.

3, to strengthen their own government, stood for the party responsible for the hotel is responsible for the height, so often learn, often from the police, often introspective.