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I Xinxiang City Hall was awarded the 2013 'Gold wedding hotel' Honor

Date: 2013-07-01

Xinxiang City,which lastedthree months"goldwedding hotel" contestconcludedtoday,under the concernin the community, aftervotingand expertappraisal, myhouse, andthe sameforthe otherfivehotels"goldwedding hotel"this honortitle.

As atime-honoredbrand hotel, hotelwedding receptionsrichexperience inXinxiangpeoplein the proverbial.Over the years,the spirit of "assuredthe kitchen,doingdishesconscience," thesimpleconceptin food safetyunremittingly,adhere to practicingdishes48 hoursto stay kind ofsystem, thequality of the dishesonthe inspection teamat least once aweek,purchase channelsand qualitychecks,the introductionof the "sixregularmanagement" conceptstandardizeoperational processes andproductstorage,inrecent years,foodsafetyinspection andappraisalfrequentpraise in thecity to carry outfood servicefood safetyassessment activities,was awarded the "food service foodsafety notificationA-level units. "Supportingthe establishmentof theritual ceremoniesand weddingssmallbutlerservice departmentis to makethe weddingmore convenientlythe main house,icing on the cake.