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Xinxiang City, the existing taxi 1738 no "hit" difficult phenomenon

Date: 2013-08-30

Eighties of last century, Xinxiang City street began to appear "Changhe", "Songhua River" and ran in the urban van rental, taxi industry was more confusion. In 1987, city passenger transport management office (1990 to City Management Office passenger) marks the establishment of Xinxiang City taxi industry into the formal management. City Management Office passenger Lizhi De branch committee, said in an interview with reporters, because of the car is still a rarity, so come for all operating procedures "face", there are five six hundred.

Urban passenger transport management department was first established, does not lay down a taxi development plan. As an emerging industry, in 1998 the number of Xinxiang City Taxi has surged to nearly 3000, the oversupply situation to make the taxi industry into the doldrums. Thus, the city government in 2001 introduced the "development of Xinxiang City Taxi implementation of views", began to taxi market to adjust plans. The "opinions" based on current urban framework and population, proposed to control the number of taxis around 1500, the scale of operations, improving quality, and quality service. Government policies, the city imposed scrapped two passenger transport management "face" Updating a "sedan chair" approach, gradually control the number of taxis. 2007 taxi operators last auction rights, Xinxiang City taxi number is 1338, this number has remained until 2011.

Beginning of this century, Xinxiang City taxi industry began to set off the "oil to gas," the boom, not only reduces the operating costs, but also greatly reduces the exhaust emissions on atmospheric pollution. 2011 and 2012, respectively, City Management Office passenger to market 100 electric taxis and 300 oil and gas dual fuel taxi. Lizhi De said that from oil to gas and then electricity, Xinxiang City Taxi trilogy has experienced dynamic development direction of energy saving, environmental protection, low-cost.

City Management Office passenger is now more than 70 people, manages the city's 1738 "car of." Now Xinxiang City street ran a taxi, about 95% of the vehicles using new energy saving and environmental protection. 2015, Xinxiang City taxi will reach 2000. (Edit Feng Jie)