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Xinxiang County, read a good implementation of talent county personnel development strategy "Three Character Classic"

Date: 2013-09-16

Measures to improve nurturing talent, open up more channels attract talent, build a platform reuse talent ...... Xinxiang County tightly around the economic construction and social development needs, vigorously implement the talent county strategy, focus read a good education, guidelines, use the "Three Character Classic", to promote the types of personnel for the county "three" coordinated development to provide personnel protection and intellectual support.

Measures to improve education professionals. According to the county's economic and social development needs, and constantly improve the measures in a targeted manner to strengthen personnel training mechanism.

Around the county, the county government center and the hot and difficult issues, they have invited former vice president of Henan University, Henan provincial government, "the Central Plains Economic Zone Research" task force member Professor Wang Fazeng, PARTY Professor Zhang Jingmin high level experts on the whole County cadres of the Central Plains Economic Zone, the new rural construction, construction of industrial clustering special counseling, training a total of 563 party and government personnel people. And selected 10 young cadres went to Wenzhou attachment to learn, more than 40 young cadres hung, under the school and other forms of practice and training, enhanced training of cadres targeted and effective.

Using "Please come in, going out" means training professional and technical personnel. XLX Fertiliser Ltd., forever Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and other enterprises selected senior managers participated in the Peking University, Tsinghua EMBA-service training courses organized by successively sending 78 corporate directors and managers to Beijing, Zhengzhou and other places of higher hospital school to learn modern management knowledge. Up to now, the county has a total train professional and technical personnel 3251.

Open up more channels cited talent. Xinxiang County to actively explore the "it cited only" new way to do publicity work talent introduction, focusing on the introduction of high-level personnel shortages and urgently needed. Since last year, and the introduction of co-culture with a master's degree and the title of senior professional and technical management personnel 10 people.

Xinxiang County, relying on schools, investment in many ways, Xinxiang County Ji digging out human resources, strengthen communication and contact with them, and in the investment, expanding foreign cooperation and exchanges in the process cited only satisfied intellectual focus. The county's science and technology enterprises or institutions, including Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Peking University and Tianjin University, Zhengzhou University, etc., more than 10 colleges and universities, research institutes to establish cooperative relations. Taihang vibration Co., XLX Fertiliser Ltd. and other enterprises to set up a post-doctoral workstations, relying on the cooperation projects, the successful introduction of Tianjin University, Academician Chen Yushu and many other high-level talent.

Not only that, Xinxiang County, through on-site recruitment, social selection, social recruitment in many ways, the introduction of professional and technical personnel. Has organized large-scale human resource exchanges four games, all kinds of special recruitment eight times, the introduction of much-needed chemicals, machinery, paper, pharmaceutical, gathering areas and other personnel more than 400 people; public recruitment television broadcast over 5, 50 teachers in special post name, the recruitment of contract police firefighters 20 NCMS 16 regulatory staff, teachers and institutions 20 professional and technical personnel 80, to enrich the county's professional and technical personnel.

Build a platform with talent. In the county personnel office, I readily recall the introduction of the new Asia Paper Group, Dr., senior engineer Wang Shaoguang archival material: He tackled the wheat straw pulp production line waste steam heat recovery process, mechanical pulp production line concentrated alkali wastewater treatment technologies such as furnace combustion research problem, the completion of the pulp production center consolidation mention renovation project, lamination paper cup renovation and conversion projects in environmental protection and water treatment technology transformation projects depth. This alone can provide enterprises with annual cost savings of more than 4000 yuan, creating benefits for more than 8,000 yuan. This is the county technical talent into full play the role of vivid example.

The county actively explore new ways to play the role of talent in various activities as a carrier for technical personnel to display their talent and realize their personal values to provide a platform:

- Implementation of the "sail plan", organized village cadres, students participate in entrepreneurship training, to master practical skills, funds raised with the project to develop the rural rich leaders. Currently, the county has 24 village cadres, students running the economic entity, with a total investment 4.83 million yuan, add 163 jobs.

- Carry out the "three rural agricultural technology personnel service" activities, deployed in agriculture, forestry, fishing and many other professional and technical talents agriculture, and farms for farmers to pass on valuable experience. Up to now, the Corps has carried out 14 different forms of service activities, training of members, rich leaders of more than 1,200 people, more than 85% of party members and mastered a more practical technology.