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The world's first fully robotic hotel Mechanical dinosaur greeter at the front desk

Date: 2018-09-09

According to England "daily mail" reported on September 5, Japan Henn na hotel chain (the name means "weird") using robot, machine dinosaurs to tourists, it is the world's first robot equipped with staff of the hotel.
Japan is no stranger to robots, but if you see in the hotel front desk to meet your machine dinosaurs, even the most avid fan of robot is likely to be a surprise.Henn na hotel chain to provide this new experience.In 2015, the first Henn na hotel open in Nagasaki, 2016 guinness book of world records certified this hotel for the first robot equipped with staff of the hotel in the world.Operating the hotel chain of the travel agency group currently operates eight hotels around Japan, all its hotels are equipped with robots, some are dinosaurs, others humanoid robot.
East of Tokyo Henn na brand Maihama hotel, front desk reception is a huge dinosaur, looks like in the movie "Jurassic park" dinosaur modelling, but they are wearing a cap on his head.They are eerily quiet, customers come to the front desk robot dinosaur sensor detects the movement, then they will say "welcome".Robot dinos finished check-in work through the flat system, users can also choose to use what language (Japanese, English, Chinese, or Korean) and multilingual robots to communicate.
According to experience of tourists, the effect is very strange, giant dinosaur with long arm gestures, short and fixed phrases.He Maihama, manager of the branch well (Yukio Nagai) admitted that some customers think it's a bit unsettling.He told AFP in an interview: "we still don't know when the guests want to let a person to entertain, when can let robot to entertain."

But for the other guests, novel is the charm.Each room is equipped with mini egg-shaped robot, they're called Tapia concierge robots.They look a bit like Star Wars BB - 8 spherical robot, robot can help the guests to replace the channel, play music and so on all sorts of things.

Even the fish tank in the hall is also a robotic fish, swimming in to keep running on batteries, and them in the body of the light when working around a huge tank flutter flashing, garbage can is also automated.

And children living in the hotel recently tzu chi mei leptostachys (Chigusa Hosoi) said: "dinosaur look very interesting, I think my children will love it.It's so nice to him in a hotel, in playing with the egg-shaped robot in the room all day"

Hotel also has a human employees need on standby, in case of failure, customer online comments, according to malfunction when going through the formalities for registration are not uncommon.