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Why do provide local tourism wide income opportunities and activities is the hotel?

Date: 2018-08-10

Activity and provide local tourism is a multibillion dollar business, OTA is becoming more and more interested in the industry."Alone want to local tourism and sales increased five times - increased from about $400 million a year to more than $2 billion.

The company currently has 4000 suppliers, on a global scale to provide 27000 time travel and activities.Reality by providing experience, introduced many tourism destinations and activities, the purpose is to its products into the 1000 cities.Recently, acquired Fairharbor, TripAdvisor acquisition Bokun, both cloud computing software platform enables local tourism operators and activities online services their services.

However, despite the sound and the huge development potential has a strong industry, only less than 20% of the local tourism and activities can be online booking.Why is this so?There are two main reasons: these projects are highly fragmented, and tourism consumers have strong preference.

These projects are very scattered, made up of millions of small, independent operators.This explains why the merchant does not provide online booking, because they have no can be used for online booking system and technical resources.

Another reason is that travel consumer preferences.According to a report from Arival consumers (survey U.S. adults traveling plan this summer), only 24% of tourism consumers will booking before we start most of their activities, the rest is made a reservation at the destination.

Tourism consumers don't totally believe in advance and activities will lead to better selection, better service and unique products, meaningful savings value, etc.This is not surprising why activity reservation rate is 85%, but in many place has the best tourist attractions and activities can not be through online booking!

Why should consider to provide local tourism hotel operators and activities?

The commercialization of the hotel product, make the hotel are forced to compete with the OTAs in strict accordance with the rate, make the hotel almost no opportunity to communicate the value of the hotel product to potential guests.To solve the problem, rather than "AD valorem for sale", hotel operators need an effective marketing strategy, including providing a lot of experience as part of the property site offers, and through various channels and seasonal activity.

Travelers come away: one study found that 98% of respondents said that in the new city has a "native experience" is very important.

Direct channel provides unlimited opportunities for the hotel and the hotel as the hero of "destination" and perfect accommodation choice, at the same time explore such as museums, galleries, family attractions, such as shopping, dining, nightlife and entertainment all destinations.In combination with a powerful website marketing plan, focus on the unique hotel product and its value proposition, you will have a successful strategy.

Compared with OTAs, the hotel has a big advantage is that it is a local enterprise, the hotel can choose and contracts for local travel and operators, monitoring their performance and customer service, and to ensure timely payment.

What, then, let the hotel operator is the most suitable for the guests to provide local tourism and activities?

Hotel operators understand their guests more than OTAs and preference, that allows them to custom tourism and local activities for the guest.

Hotel operators understand their local communities and more than OTAs destination directly.

Hotel operators than OTA activity and a better understanding of the local tourism suppliers.In many cases, the hotel has for years been in the use of a trusted local operators.

Local properties: the combination of local hotels to like the local business operators in contact with the local operators emotional level, which in any big OTA small operators are simply does not exist in our relationship.

Hotel operators how to make money from the local tourism and activities?

Through the hotel may be defined as "heroes" destination, marketers can make the hotel more attractive, thus increasing occupancy and indirect income effect.

At the same time, hotel operators also have powerful direct income:

1, the hotel is tied with the local tourism and activities: city tourism, family, museums, theaters, shopping and weekend plans and romantic vacation, etc.

2, from the local tour operators and commissions referral fees and commissions.Hotel operators can easily for local operator's travel and provide reasonable commission: booking, reception and concierge.Usually, OTAs commissions local tourism and operators on OTA platform for 20% to 35% in order to enable and sell their products, so there is enough space to negotiate fair remuneration of the hotel.