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Busy hotel group 'means' to get strong strength

Date: 2018-08-09

Have entered since 2018, the domestic hotel group will focus on the "win-win cooperation", frequently with the international or domestic famous hotel group in hand.In February of this year, tianfu affiliated business will become the strategic partner with hyatt hotel group formally, tianfu affiliated merchants became China's first franchise hotel hyatt authorized permission after the third party management company, recently, the China hotel group and guangdong regency hotel group signed a strategic cooperation agreement, country garden hotel group also reached a strategic cooperation with Hilton Hotel group.
It is worth noting that the strategic cooperation between the two groups are not simply fall to the ground for a brand in the Chinese market and expand, they will focus on the more through complement each other, enhance the comprehensive strength of each group.Chinese hotel group, for example, the strategic cooperation with guangdong hotel group will be based on brand building and operating platform for cooperation, the two sides will give full play to the resources and capabilities in the field of their respective advantages, will China hotel management concept of science and technology combined with guangdong commercial layout conditions, surrounding the hotel brand cooperation, innovation, the member and channel integration operation system building and the sharing of the supply chain platform in the depth of a comprehensive strategic cooperation, improve yuehai hotel brand value.

It is not hard to see two group cooperation is to get.Yuehai hotel group is a subsidiary of guangdong holding group co., LTD.), international hotel management group, has a history of more than 30 years, nearly 40 hotels management at present, mainly distributed in Hong Kong, Macao and the pearl river delta, the Yangtze river delta region.The personage inside course of study is put forward, yuehai hotel group of China live mainly attracts can bring the scale of operation and management mode, powerful member system construction and innovation of technology and other support.For the improvement of yuehai hotel group and its various hotel operation efficiency and service level and profitability, which makes the core competitiveness of yuehai hotel group under the new environment is of great significance.

And the strategic cooperation with guangdong, as China hotel group CEO zhang said, in the southern province of guangdong guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao region has a very good reputation and influence, China hope that through the cooperation with guangdong, strengthen the business development in the south China market.Both sides in the high-end hotels in the field, is expected to play their respective advantages, combination, implementation of dual brand operation mode.

And country garden hotel in Shanghai announced a strategic cooperation group, in cooperation with Hilton Hotel group content has similar to guangdong and China.Country garden will be using the perfect Hilton brand standards and global network management advantages, on the basis of the inclusion and combination of local resource advantages, accelerate the hotels to return on investment and asset appreciation.Cooperation between the two sides will not be limited to entrust management, franchising and other traditional patterns, will also try to some innovative cooperation model.

Currently has more than 120 operations, construction and planning of hotel of country garden group, in 2013-2014, with the Hilton Hotel group have cooperation projects - foshan Hilton Hilton Hotel and wuhan optical valley.It is understood that the china-singapore cooperation lead the hotel include hainan lingshui Hilton doubletree, guangzhou zengcheng doubletree Hilton and Hilton zhengzhou xingyang.

Huamei hotel consultant co., LTD., chief expert knowledge management Zhao Huanyan said, this is an attempt in the process of domestic hotel collectivization development."With the former group cooperation between different marketing alliance, only now group a broader cooperation between the cooperation and more thorough, the two sides complement each other, each.Compare the obvious advantage is one party has the characteristics of real estate, the other party has the brand advantage."