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Artificial intelligence era hotel how to keep up with the new era?

Date: 2018-08-02

In recent years, artificial intelligence technology is developing rapidly, more and more hotels will be on the artificial intelligence applied to the hotel management and hotel management, to enhance the customer experience and word-of-mouth.

1. The mother tongue of AI technology experience

Hotel application Chatbot voice chat robot is changing the traditional mode of hotel reservation, and this model is easier to convert visitors into customers.

Chatbot is usually responsible for robot instead of the traditional web booking bot and front desk staff, this kind of robot can select language, mother tongue dialogue with customers with customers, realize the man-machine concise and effective interaction.

Data show that now people are used to accept digital platform of intelligent recommendation, therefore in hotel booking link using Chatbot robot not face other technical barriers.In hotel booking link to interact with customers and Chatbot robot can also greatly improve the customer experience: on-call 24 hours a day, seconds back to the information and recommend products according to customer's requirements.Chatbot robot on virtually turn visitors into customers.

2. The AI technology of robot automatic learning

In hotel management and hotel management, hotel need to develop accurate customer service process, and to optimize the operation and reduce the service cost.Learning function of the robot can automatically integrate and upgrade service process, and according to the customer's tastes, behavior patterns to make corresponding adjustment.

Robotic automation learning tend to observe the trend of change and the consistency of the information, robot will analyze history response in the automatic learning, and according to the historical response and large data for personalized recommendations.Therefore, artificial intelligence can not only help improve the level of service to the customer, can also be on the basis of huge amounts of data to make the perfect decision.

3. The AI technology of Internet of things

Because now AI technology's widespread popularization and the emergence of the Internet of things, can wear AI equipment is increasingly common, and these wearable AI equipment can measure the wearer's body temperature, energy levels, cardiovascular and respiratory frequency, in order to obtain a custom health solutions.In fact, this technique can also be used for the hotel.

Some time ago, accor introduced biological recognition technology project called Seeker.Customers only need to wear a Muse EEG headsets and Empatica E4 bracelet, Seeker can use specialized development and the application of measuring electrical activity, heart rate and skin reactions, such as data, and then through the algorithm, the customer of the sensory response and six key psychological and personality, destinations and matching style indicators, including urban and rural, adventure and relax, lovers and family, country and the modern, hot and cold, the extroverted and introverted.In the end, the customers can receive a unique visual psychological figure and travel records, and the corresponding destination is recommended.

Seeker by measuring the biological characteristics, analysis of passenger behavior in order to understand the real demand, and accordingly the custom experience.This technology can be targeted to customers to provide quality services, including by matching the guest preferences, recommended books or music, recommend the hotel near the amusement facilities, remind the hotel staff to provide customers with personalized dietary choices, etc.

This analysis ability of artificial intelligence can help the hotel to determine the next trend of products and services, can be used to assess, identify travelers or customer role, so that the match the related services provided by the hotel and meals.According to the analysis results, the hotel can determine the needs of customers, and before the customer request to provide personalized recommendations, in order to please the customers.

4. The voice of the AI technology assistant

With increasingly mature voice recognition technology, hoteliers found via voice technology can also provide customers with better service.Since the amazon to launch voice assistant Echo, more and more hotel for the room is equipped with intelligent device with speech recognition system.

Voice assistant to help customers control the light and temperature in the room, make a phone call and request to the front desk, play music, check the weather, or on TV entertainment programs.Some hotels voice assistant also supports mobile terminal connected with customers, visit customers own mobile media content, such as music or audio books, etc.

Through the use of voice intelligent assistant, the customer reduced the interactions with the hotel staff, and the intelligent voice assistant on the one hand, to avoid the conflict between customers and hotel staff, on the other hand to protect customer privacy: hotel guests can be directly connected with the voice assistant application check-in or check-out procedures, some hotels also supports automatic voice assistant order, self-help book, recommend to play tourist destination, etc.

The future hotel service personnel will be replace by AI intelligent?

AI technology is only able to improve services and improve the hotel service personnel with the customer communication between the process, the hotel service personnel from the trival things, able to focus on improving the process, improve the service.That is to say, AI intelligent can eliminate part of the hotel staff only, and cannot completely replace the hotel service personnel.

And in fact the AI intelligent development for the moment is not mature, still in the phase of cultivation.Hotel is not suitable for a wide range of currently used AI intelligence, but AI intelligence may be substituted for the grass-roots work, on the one hand, in order to improve the efficiency of the hotel, on the one hand, in order to cater to the tastes of the millennial generation.