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The first hotel sheeting standards into the declaration procedures

Date: 2018-07-29

On July 26, 2018 national work conference on green hotel evaluation mechanism and index system of the new national standard conference, China hotel association and other red jointly set up the "China green hotel - a net to put the core project team", and clearly will declare first domestic for hotel linen management of national standard.

According to the China hotel association deputy secretary-general, zhi-gang ding, director of the lodging industry division, the project team to the domestic first national standard for hotel linen management reporting has been launched, the standard content will cover all types such as hotel, apartment, hotel, home stay accommodation units within public textile washing and replacement, the preliminary plan to expand cooperation 30000 hotel.

And the core is put "net" project as the standard of linen intelligent management solutions, to standardize management of the hotel industry cloth grass, helps improve the hotel linen management system, reduce operating costs, eventually help achieve threshold of service in the hotel industry.

It is known that "green hotel" issued by the national standard is formally in September 2007, the including the linen management of national standard, the new indicators, it is in order to further strengthen the standard for creating enterprise guidance and in field.

The personage inside course of study, with the increasing scale of tourism consumption, consumer's growing need for accommodation, hotel cloth grass problem has attracted much attention.Consumer demand for hotel services today is no longer listed on the "washed today", but the real perception "a guest a change" linen management such as safe and comfortable service.Linen management formally landing of the national standard, and will not only make up for the industry standard blank sheet linen of the hotel, will also be conducive to improving hotel service quality and consumer housing experience, change the trust relationship between hotel industry and consumer, will also be the concept of environmental protection into the hotel industry.