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In Cambodia 'area along the tourism resources investigation group' August start Michael point to industry association, a total of transnational cooperation opportunities

Date: 2018-07-17

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the China and Cambodia, the response country "neighbourhood" policy, the economic cooperation of countries along the positive development and partnership to jointly build political mutual trust, economic integration and culture include the interests of the community, Michael point network in Shanghai pudong new area of tourism association, national tourism, tourist hotels association and Cambodia Cambodia in wuxi city in the tourist hotels association of friendly cooperation, organization "area tourism resources investigation group, general manager of" all the way, is scheduled for August 16 big accommodation industry in Cambodia, study to explore cooperation opportunities.It is understood that the delegation led by Michael point network, China's main representative including bilateral tourist hotels association's main sponsor, hangzhou news science and technology co., LTD. The chairman/best of the east, first, Wallace point network, job on headhunting, founder and CEO Qiao Yi, and Michael, head of the net overseas advanced Xia Binbin etc. Industry experts.

In this expedition, Cambodia tourism hotel friendship association will arrange all the tourism resources investigation group, general manager of "area" and the national tourism of Cambodia, phnom penh for a friendly meeting on behalf of the tourism and hotel association.Delegation with the Cambodian side will phnom penh tourism hotel industry development present situation and development trend of industry, and introduces east China tourism hotel industry resources, exploration and Cambodia Cambodia in tourism resources, tourism cooperation opportunities.

On August 17, delegation will visit phnom penh large tourism real estate and investment projects, and for hotels, apartments, villas and other cooperation or investment projects, and insight into the culture and custom of Cambodia, peer communication.

The point of network organization of all the tourism resources investigation "area" to the world multi-polarization and economic globalization, cultural diversity, the tide of social informatization, adhere to the open spirit of regional cooperation, together to build open, inclusive and balanced with the Cambodian side, pratt &whitney economic cooperation framework.

Brand cooperation involved in:

The Chinese big tourist accommodation official delegation limit about 35 people attended, general manager of the domestic industry, interested parties please contact Xia Binbin (15001870204), Huang Hong (13167017556).

This activity provides a full range of industry resources return is as follows:

1. And China's big tourist lodging industry delegation distinguished guests fully participate in Cambodia, general manager of the national tourism resources docking.

2. The delegation official sponsors in the manual, the official t-shirts LOGO LOGO and material.

3. Cambodia industry media interviews, Cambodia, the mainstream Chinese media and the media is introduced.

4. Michael point network industry events particularly recommended in the special report.

5. The official dinner by bilateral tourist hotels in friendship association awarded the first "association vice chairman of China enterprise" certificate of appointment and plaque, to join the association, and jointly promote the asean region along the in-depth exchanges in the tourism hotel industry in Cambodia, Michael point nets speak as Cambodia tourism hotel friendship association, chairman of the organization.

6. Other industry media resources and domestic industry long-term returns.

7. According to the enterprise demand docking Cambodia national tourism and business resources.