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The development of tourism for the aged starts with 'living'

Date: 2018-07-15

"Considering the current situation of the global ageing, we hope that more old people can enjoy the fun of travel, they need to meet the demand of the elderly complete facilities, more need to serve their tourism practitioners.
Living is an important factor.Recently, the first world elderly tourism conference was held in yantai, opening the door to explore the international elderly tourism consumption demand.Marcel razer, deputy director of the UN world tourism organization's development assistance department, told the conference.  

Older people also love intelligence

According to relevant data, accommodation is one of the most important factors to attract elderly tourists to travel, and the characteristic and healthy diet for the elderly is also an important attraction.

Australian lang da whitson said: "older people in Australia travel, pay close attention to more is safe, hotel services and local flavor food, they hope to be able to overcome some language barriers.
Before they travel, they spend an average of 27 hours studying which country they travel to.

Many older travelers choose to book hotels online, but there are also concerns about integrity.
Olga subanova, from Latvia, said: "older people today are very fond of using digital tools and are using computers and mobile phones to learn about travel destinations and check information about accommodation.
But for older people, finding information on many hotel booking platforms can be difficult.
Old people prefer practicality, want to have enough information to them, let them make a decision, such as some certification logo, and whether there are suitable for the elderly tourism facilities and equipment, etc."

Yantai tourism public service center, deputy director of the ng to introduce: "yantai launched" a cellphone swim yantai "service, it is both a targeted tourist destination marketing, also provide ground services for tourists.
Ninghai naofan, the island siheyuan, these old people like the characteristics of jiaodong cuisine, homestay can find accurate information through this platform, and can also directly online booking very convenient.
At present, we are conducting research on the needs of elderly tourists.