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Open a franchise Hyatt joined battle for mid-range hotel

Date: 2018-03-09

After intercontinental and marriott group, the hyatt hotel group has also opened up in China in part the hotel brand franchise.As announced to tianfu affiliated business expansion KaiYueJia hin, KaiYueJia such as hotel brand in the Chinese market scale, the hyatt hotel group, mid-range hotel brands also means that began to intensify layout in China.For a long time, as the international hotel group, the hotel's brand positioning hyatt hotel group operating high-end hotel brand in the Chinese market the main layout and mid-range hotel in less.In the industry point of view, open franchise for international hotel groups can extend the cost reduction, relying on the brand occupy the market rapidly, but also face the risk of the bad quality control.

To speed up a mid-range brand

After the intercontinental hotels group, the hyatt hotel group also open the franchise business in China.On February 28th, the hyatt hotel group announced that will hand in hand to tianfu affiliated business expansion Zhang Kairui KaiYueJia hin, KaiYueJia's brand influence in China, the tianfu affiliated business will become the first Chinese hyatt authorized permission third party franchise hotel management company.

Tianfu affiliated business with hyatt hotel group said that to develop hotel for Chinese mainland investors 50 KaiYueJia hin and KaiYueJia hotel, tianfu affiliated business hotel has signed with hyatt hotel group's first three, including nanchong takatsubo KaiYueJia hin, changchun KaiYueJia combine net month hotel, changchun KaiYueJia hin hotel net month.It is reported, this 3 hotels will be managed by the tianfu affiliated merchants.Not only that, the two sides also plans in mainland China unique and attractive destination prudent development KaiYueZhen choose hotel and hyatt is extraction.

Beijing commercial daily reporter learned that, tianfu affiliated business is one of Asia's new business and travel service provider, which owns affiliated statue of elegant hotel, MingYuHao 6 such as hotel brand.In addition, the data show that as the hyatt international hotel group, headquartered in Chicago, as of December 31, 2017, the hyatt hotel group six continents more than 50 countries around the world a total of 14 brand management, and more than 700 hotels.With park hyatt, grand hyatt, hyatt, anda shi, KaiYueZhen choose, KaiYueJia hin, KaiYueJia combine hotels, resorts, apartment, time-sharing project, etc., and provides the operation management, such as franchise operation mode.

In view of the cooperation, the hyatt hotel group's Asia Pacific President Yu Deli said: "of hyatt hotel for many years is popular among business guests and leisure travelers, tianfu affiliated business advantage for the Chinese market, at the same time in the financial sector has provided the important safeguard for the cooperation.Different from the exclusive franchise or brand on the market proxy pattern, tianfu affiliated business travel and hyatt hotel group will work in their respective focus market complement each other, make full use of their own advantages and resources strategic cooperation, jointly promote KaiYueJia hin and KaiYueJia combine the development of the brand in China."

Open a franchise

, according to people familiar with the hyatt hotel group and tianfu affiliated business cooperation KaiYueJia hin, KaiYueJia belong to the selected service class hotel brand, though still keep high quality, but a full service hotel, banquet hall and bars and other configuration.

Previously, the hyatt hotel group in the Chinese market the layout of the main is high-end market, first the hyatt hotel in mainland China in 1986, tianjin hyatt hotel opening date, the hyatt hotel in developed more than 50 domestic only.Huamei hotel consultant agency chief knowledge officer, senior economist Zhao Huanyan said before hyatt's park hyatt, grand hyatt and the hyatt is a high-end brand, competitive in the high-end hotels in China.Today, open franchise hyatt hotel group, is to make up for the hotel brands in the end.

With the rise of Chinese middle class, the upgrading of consumption, China's hotel industry market structure is changing.Now in this piece of blue ocean hotel market has become the arena of Chinese and foreign hotel group, if don't lay their hands on a piece of later will have the opportunity to difficult.

As early as 2016, marriott and hotel group cooperation, to the east east authorized is launched in mainland China in the form of franchise in the marriott hotel brand "Wan Feng", and plan to opening 140 hotels in five years.In the United States and India, Wan Feng exclusive franchise is granted to local hotel management companies, and the agency for development, but in China, authorized + the marriott first to the development and management system seamless docking mode of cooperation, enough to prove that the marriott fast into the determination of the Chinese hotel market.And choose has appropriate is, yi cheng east in two large and medium-sized hotel brand do partners, also can see the marriott seeks to "Wan Feng" can fall to the ground in China can not only continuation of international standard, and can accurately to the heart of the home market.

At the end of November last year, intercontinental hotels group also with hk cooperation, the two sides will in greater China in franchising intercontinental hotels group's high-end brand crowne plaza hotels and resorts and mid-range brand "holiday inn" and "holiday inn".After signing, both parties jointly launched franchising + third-party management pattern, is expected to have 20 to 2020 high-end and midrange hotels using this model.It is worth noting that the "holiday inn" in 1984 to enter the Chinese market.In addition, as the intercontinental hotels group, the other a mid-range hotels have opened franchise brand wisdom to choose a holiday, has opened in January 2018 in the greater China region to achieve the number of 100 hotels.

Although tianfu affiliated business strategic partner of tianfu bank announced on the same day to the hyatt hotel group and tianfu affiliated business cooperation intention to give 30 billion yuan credit line, for bilateral cooperation project construction or modification hotel owners to provide financing, but how to compete with enemy stacks of mid-range hotel market, the hyatt hotel group still need to make great efforts one time.

Quality into soft rib

The personage inside course of study points out, the international hotel group all grab middle-grade hotel market in China, competition is increasingly fierce.In order to more quickly through the brand benefit to gain the market, most of the hotels are using franchising or entrusted management way.The intercontinental hotels group will mainly take the above two ways.