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Announced the formation of south China international hotel alliance

Date: 2018-03-05

2018 guangzhou international tourism exhibition, the establishment of lingnan international hotel union held a grand ceremony.Tourism in the provinces and cities, relevant industry association, China southern airlines and the testimony of GuangZhiLv international travel service, lingnan holdings (SZ000524) core enterprise, asset management in south China's largest hotel group, lingnan hotel group, with the world famous online marketing platform brought sharp hotel consultant company jointly announced the formation of lingnan international hotel alliance.

Select the global hotel, explore the beauty of the world

In recent years, the national leisure travel demand booming development, China has become the world's largest travellers.Under the new consumer trends, tourists from the public sightseeing Tours, travel for quality, experience and culture connotation depth requirements.Many have higher income, independent tourists consumption idea, hope to be able to direct contact tourism products of high quality price ratio, thereby removing layers of overweight in the middle of the channel cost and hard contrast in the mass product selection of time and energy, the lingnan international hotel alliance value proposition of the "global hotel, to explore the beauty of the world", it is designed to help Chinese tourists across the country and around the world selected high quality and unique attractive tourist accommodation choice, let them easily around the world at the same time, to meet the demand for travel on the quality of life.

"Hotels, travel agents and airlines" multi-directional marketing interconnection

Lingnan lingnan holding international hotel alliance based on collection of global tourism destination, tourism transportation resources, partners, resources, online fusion Shared ecological tourism circle, and the strategic cooperation with China southern airlines, GuangZhiLv, integrated upgrade "hotels, travel agents and airlines" joint form of industry, with the global quality independent hotels and regional hotels alliance, as a member hotels provide transnational business communication platform and large tourism industry chain resources support.The guard a pass strictly selected and quality endorsement in the league, the high quality and convenient hotel services, offer from "hotels, travel agents and airlines" ecosystem 46 million VIP members;Also bring union members of the hotel, the quality of the incremental value of customers and users, to implement the product and client two-way marketing and closely interconnected.

Gather strength of diverse forms, and promote tourism new pattern of opening up and cooperation

Lingnan hotel will they left by easy wisdom tourism platform, central reservation system, ridge ridge speed passenger transfer member system between chang, realize multidirectional joint marketing and brand publicity, industrial ecology Shared poly force, and high net worth 46 million members will become lingnan international hotel alliance members to move one of the power source of the global market;Further upgraded and rich forms, promote the lodging industry multiple dialogue between east and west, promoted the tourism industry of countries along the "area" layout depth fusion, actively respond to China's tourism "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning about the new pattern of" open building tourism cooperation "strategy.

Global hotspot tourism destination, more than 10000 high-quality goods rooms

By alliance was set up, at least from the world's major cities and famous tourist destination, including 13 countries and regions, more than 30 cities at home and abroad, more than 100 selected hotels to join the union, provide more than ten thousand Chinese tourists boutique rooms...The next three years, lingnan international hotel hotel alliance will be extended to more than 1000 members, high-quality selection of hotels worldwide.