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Most of the snow and rain Middle East open back to temperature

Date: 2018-02-05

Yesterday (4) is spring throttle, means that the spring is getting closer, it will be more and more warm.After many days of freezing, this week in most parts of the country is expected to gradually open up the pace, much less rain and snow at the same time, the overall benefit at Spring Festival travel.
Influenced by cold air, since February 1, a significant cooling in most regions in our country, the northern shanxi, shaanxi, shandong, west and east yunnan low winter temperatures.At present, the cold air influence on central and eastern regions tend to end, our country mainly fine cold weather, rain and snow.

The central meteorological station is expected, 5 solstice 7, has affected by two strands of weak cold air in Inner Mongolia, most of the northwest region in the northeast, north China, huanghuai Midwest and northeast China southern has 4 ~ 6 levels of wind, wind magnitude 7, the parts have 4 ~ 6 ℃ cooling.In eastern and southern sea area has 6 ~ 8, rafale 9 winds.

Today has entered the "LiuJiu", improves gradually become a trend.Although there is a weak cold air activity, but the impact by north, cooling is limited, the temperature will still give priority to tone with recovery, low temperature around the things will gradually improve.Expected, after 8-9 more the temperature will gradually from the low state of Middle East back to normal.

However, the temperature of the road to recovery will always encounter twists and turns.Expected, 9-11, and there will be a strong cold air from the northwest to the southeast in our country, but the cold air move fast, faster cooling, but then picks up soon.

Will be the largest in the temperature rise in northeast China area, 5 and 9 compared to Harbin, shenyang, warming May 10 ℃ or so.But the degree of warming southwest, kunming temperature will be obvious, but rose less in guiyang, chengdu and chongqing and other places, basic within 5 ℃.

The next three days, and scarce in most regions in our country, the weather is given priority to with sunny or cloudy, overall benefit at Spring Festival travel.Precipitation mainly concentrated in the southwest, north xinjiang, Tibet southwest and the east, qinghai south, southwest region east and eastern Inner Mongolia, shandong peninsula in northern parts of XiaoYuXue weather, in the local have to snow.For guizhou, today will be worst affected by the icy roads, during the Spring Festival, special attention should be frozen at low temperature impact on travel.

In addition, the northern Beijing, hebei north over the next few day is still difficult to precipitation, the high forest fire danger.Beijing from October 23 last year to February 4, the continuous observation no rainy days is 105 days in history no rainy days the third consecutive long, need to pay attention to the fire.