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The intelligent and personalized to upgrade Wisdom hotel efficiency borrow new scene

Date: 2018-01-31

The future good hotel is no longer strange, after the hotel must be fun and interesting.
Hotel cost increase, and the young group, the upgrading of consumption under the background of increasing, many hotel hope through product update iterations, with "intelligent", "fun" elements as a point of interest, in ascending experience at the same time, increase the profit of the hotel.
Wisdom, one-stop service focus wisdom hotel, will fall to the ground, and the ideas for help many high-end hotels built smart rooms, make a variety of intelligent scene, let customers in the hotel to experience more comfortable and convenient, more personalized service.
Really enhance the user experience, increase the hotel revenue
At present, the wisdom of the hotel mainly through intelligent control of the smart devices, such as lighting, curtains, air conditioning and room appliances, etc., realize the scene features, such as self-help choose is a key to open the door, cell phone, room no card for electricity, by mobile phone micro letter public platform, U Say intelligent voice control room equipment, such as, of course, also can realize * * and assistant services, and other functions.
"This type of application of the hotel scene real purpose is to really enhance the user experience, ultimately achieve increase hotel revenue."Different intelligent experience, may not be able to meet everyone's expectations, but if the interest of business groups, young groups, even if house prices higher, these customers will choose.
Voice control, for example, U Say wisdom be born to the hotel guest room, guest room phonetic system and let the hotel into the era of voice, this is an attempt to new applications.Except itself U Say system of guest room control function, the stereo, robot can also cooperate with small white, realize voice control switch rooms, television channels and volume before and after the adjustment of the up and down, and guest room air conditioning and light regulation, etc.
Increase revenues in accommodation outside of the scene
Perhaps, more want to build a hotel "ChiZhuHang tourist entertainment" ecosystem.Wisdom avs control system can help the guests to achieve order meals, ticket reservation, tourist information query, etc., push the information such as hotel catering;Integrated peripherals supermarkets, restaurants, health care, characteristics snacks local specialties tenants hotel platform...
The hotel in what you see is what you purchased consumer center, customers can even sweep in a room code consumption, realizing the extent of the consumer.
Intelligent application, of course, has a certain learning and education costs, even if the hotel invested, but some customer acceptance and willingness and patience, require early to give guide to better experience.
In actual operation, we will be according to the customer's feedback to improve the function, as far as possible let customers in the whole accommodation experience feelings of intelligent, personalized!Wisdom, help the future hotel fun and more fun.