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There are 1,052 restaurants in the hotel, including 5 multi-function rooms, 32 banquet rooms and 1 Bard western restaurant. They are good place to receive banquet, family dinner and casual get-together.

Chinese Food - Board Palace

The Food & Beverage Dept is located in the eatern building of the htoel. At the same time, it can accommodeate about a great amount of people. They are equiped central air-conditioning. They are graceful environment, comfortable and elegance.

It manages characteristic buffet on the first floor, and it also can reseive large meeting dinner and large wedding. It manages Hangzhou dishes and Henan dishes on the second floor.

Tel: +86-373-2088656 / 2088659

Western Food - Bard Coffee

Bard Coffee Shop is located in the eastern of the second floor. It covers about 200 square meters, 24 dining tables and can accommodate 99 people. Its business practice is mainly to Italianism.

Tel: +86-373-2088526